The Right Way You Should Eat Dried Fruits

When you can not get fresh fruit, it’s good if you can get sun-dried fruits that are not treated with sulfur or otherwise processed. The purpose of treatment with sulfur is to improve their durability, and sometimes their appearance. In this procedure, the fruit is treated with inorganic sulfur, which can not be removed from the fetus. Therefore, it is better and healthier to choose dry fruits that are not processed in this way.

However, you can benefit greatly from dried fruits when you can no longer get fresh. During the drying process, the water content is reduced by about one-fifth. The content of natural sugar carbohydrates in the shape of fruit sugars increases about five times in relation to fresh fruits.

How to eat dried fruits

The best way to use dried fruits is to thoroughly wash them and place them in a deep container with distilled water. So they should stay as long as they do not get enough so you can consume them. If the fruits have not absorbed all the water, it means that you have used too much water.

Then the fruits should be placed in a cool place.