Remove Stains And Decay Of The Teeth With These Natural Mouthwash Waters

Remove Stains And Decay Of The Teeth With These Natural Mouthwash Waters

The mouthwash waters are commonly used for disinfection, breath refreshment. Or as a prevention of caries and other diseases of the teeth and palate. However, despite the increasing popularity of these fluids. They are not completely harmless different studies show that the effects of daily use are similar to those that would cause regular consumption of antibiotics. This is because these products disrupt the normal microbiological structure of the oral cavity, which is a common cause of many diseases of the nose, ears, throat, stomach. However, this does not mean that you should avoid these remedies, but it is much better to decide on one of those DIY based on natural oils and herbal juices.

Citrus water: remove stains on the teeth

Make a mixture of teaspoon base oil, from jojoba or from grape seeds, five drops of essential oil of lemon and orange. And then tie them with a teaspoon of baking soda. Prepare a properly sterilized glass bottle. Then place the prepared mixture and pour a cup of distilled or boiled water and a cup of hydrolytic hamamelis. Close up and shake well, then use to wash your mouth several times a day and remove stains from teeth.

Solution against caries (tooth decay)

Connect two spoons of apple cider vinegar, three-quarters of a cup distilled or boiled. Then cooled water, four drops of essential oil, half a teaspoon of stevia tincture. Then transfer the ingredients into a glass sterilized bottle, close and shake well. Wash your mouth 10-15 seconds after washing your teeth or after a meal.

Note: The use is not advised for children, in order to avoid the risk of swallowing the product.