Reflexology – Get Rid Of The Pain With a Foot Massage

Reflexology is a holistic treatment, which involves massage and applying pressure to certain reflex points of the feet. According to this ancient science, reflex points are connected to specific body organs, so stimulating specific areas with massage would lead to numerous health benefits such as reducing pain, improving locomotor function, relieving stress and faster recovery. in certain diseases or after an injury, especially if the hands and feet are affected.

Foot zones and reflex points

The two feet are divided into 5 zones corresponding to certain parts of the body, and each zone is mapped to the active so-called. reflex points corresponding to individual organs. The pressure applied to a particular point allows for relief of symptoms related to the specific organ.

First zone

In this zone, the localization of the active points is identical for both feet with the reflex points of the steam organs (such as eyes, ears, etc.) being positioned on the respective foot (eg left foot – left eye, right foot – right eye).

Second zone

In the second zone, the left and right foot reflex points differ in that the left foot further contains the heart reflex point. Massage at this active point of the foot is recommended to soothe the heart, relax and relieve stress.

Third zone

In the third zone, the active points correspond to the localization of the organs in the stomach. Because the liver and gall bladder are on the right side, their reflex points are positioned on the right foot. Analogously, the dorsal reflex point is positioned on the left foot.

The active points of the stomach are on both feet due to the central position of this organ in the abdominal cavity.

Fourth zone

This zone includes the reflex points of the small and large intestine, which are identical on both feet.

Fifth zone

In the end zone, the reflex points correspond to the sex organs and are identical on both feet. In this zone there is also a reflex point for improving the quality of sleep.

How to do foot massage?

It is best to have the massage done by another person, but you can do it yourself.

Before starting the massage, it is advisable to “warm” your foot – go barefoot in the room, move your fingers and make a warm foot massage.

It is advisable to massage the entire foot with gentle movements and gentle pressure, and then press on each active point for 3-7 seconds, starting from the fingers to the heel. If a certain point is sensitive, massage it thoroughly – apply pressure with your thumb for a few seconds and pause. Repeat the procedure several times, but not longer than 1 minute.

You should feel the effects of the massage after the first treatment.

ATTENTION! Do not practice stimulation of the reflex points of the feet if you currently have:

  • Diarrhea and / or vomiting;
  • Localized foot disease;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Presence of localized swelling, redness or pain in the feet;
  • You are in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • While there is still no medically sound evidence of the real benefit of this practice, more and more people around the world are using reflexology, as this treatment, despite its potential health benefits, is pleasant, relaxing and does not include the use of medications and other chemicals.

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