There Is A Reason Why You Are Extra Tired During Your Period

When you are struggling with cramps, bleeding and all the other side effects of menstruation, you definitely want to feel better as soon as possible. You need a lot of energy to deal with all the problems that come with that period. But unfortunately, that time of the month consumes all your energy. There is even a health reason why you are so tired during menstruation.

There is a reason why you are extra tired during menstruation

Ten days before your period begins, your body hopes that the egg will be fertilized by the sperm and begin a new life in the womb. When the egg becomes infertile, the hormones needed during pregnancy are no longer needed and as a result, their levels suddenly decrease. When this happens, your body goes through a phase of decline in levels of hormones from high to zero, and this change causes some other changes in the body that make your body tired. Hormone levels begin to rise again a week after menstruation begins and peak during ovulation (approximately two weeks after menstruation). The higher your hormone levels, the more energy you have.

In the days when you feel like a zombie, it is advisable to exercise, hydrate, eat regular and healthy meals, and sleep at least 8 hours a night. However, if none of these measures help you, keep in mind that your energy will be back in a few days.

It is now clear why your energy levels change during your menstrual cycle.

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