Cure Swollen Legs

This Powerful Homemade Tea Will Cure Swollen Legs In Few Days

Swollen legs can occur for a number of reasons: problems with blood vessels, pregnancy, cardiac failure, hormonal disorders …

To resolve this problem, it is best to consult a doctor immediately to determine the causes leading to swelling of the lower limbs.

On the other hand, folk medicine has a wide variety of different ways to combat this phenomenon.

But the most effective of all of them is associated with parsley.

This is how to prepare this powerful homemade tea to cure swollen legs

Cure Swollen Legs

Firstly, wash the parsley (use it with the root, that is, the entire herb) and place it in a bottle or a thermos where there is hot water, about 500ml.

Leave it to stand all night. In the morning drain it.

Drink this tea three times a day.

Drink it for two days, then make a three-day pause and make a new tea again and drink it another two days.

After the first two days you will feel the swelling decreases and you can easily put on your favorite shoes again.

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