Post-holiday Home Detoxification

After New Year’s Eve, we feel tired and feel like we’ve gained a few pounds plus. That’s why we suggest several ways to detoxify the body.

Homemade after holidays detoxification

Juice to purify the body

After the holidays, your body will probably be detoxified. It’s time to reach for the tomato juice, which will remove all toxins from your body. This drink stimulates the metabolic process and thus speeds up the process of purification. How to prepare it? In a half-pound of squeezed tomato juice, add a little chopped onion and season with chili and stir. Such detoxification juice is just an introduction to a healthy diet that you now have to adhere to!

Drink only water!

Drinking about 2 liters of water a day helps maintain a normal level of fluid in the body. Water also gives a feeling of satiety thanks to our eating less. Most importantly, it does not contain any extra calories or sugar, which unfortunately cannot be said for juices and soda.

Use a smaller plate

When you eat on smaller plates, eat less. A small plate will make you think you’ve eaten enough food. But you must not refill the plate. This simple trick will make you eat up to 1/4 less than usual!

Have a meal always at the right time

Establishing that habit will be difficult at first, but over time you will find that this rule is a great solution. Fix the time for meals. You should have three main meals and two snacks throughout the day. After a week, you will stop feeling hungry.

Calorie Traps

A healthy salad is no longer low calorie if you add rich sauce to it. Even a small piece of cheese covered with vegetables will become a calorie bomb. The method of preparation is also important: replace fried meat with grilled meat. Eat more fish!

Be careful of the fruits you eat!

It contains a sugar called fructose. That’s why you should eat far more vegetables than fruits.

Get a balance

Start the day with water and lemon juice. You can restore the PH balance by incorporating a lot of root vegetables (beets, carrots) and leafy vegetables (kale, spinach). Choose fruits that will alkalize the body like figs or dates.

Useful fiber

Fiber helps the digestive system to function properly. Therefore it is very important to consume them as much as possible after the holidays. Eat wheat flour, bread, or oatmeal with each meal.

Focus on the ingredients while eating

Eat slowly and do nothing at the same time. Watching TV, reading books or working on a computer while eating will make you swallow large chunks of food. Worst of all, then you don’t focus on food at all, so you’re hungry for just an hour after a meal.

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