Plant This Herb Around Your Home And The Ants Will Leave You Alone

Plant This Herb Around Your Home And The Ants Will Leave You Alone

Nobody wants ants to walk along the edges of the walls in the homes, but there is a solution for that. If you have this in your house, you will no longer see the insects.

Do you know that small spices do not tolerate the smell of mint at all?

Great idea – plant mint in your home, or around it.

Mint has a strong aroma, it will protect you, not only from ants and from different bugs but also from flies and spiders.

From mint you can also make essential oil and spray against ants and spiders.

You can find it in all the better-equipped health food stores. It rejects insects such as spiders and ants. It has a pleasant smell, and it can also serve as a refreshment for rooms that are not harmful to health.

Essential mint oil against ants

Ants do not like it! As soon as they feel the smell of a chemical, fragrant oils with the front leg receptors are immediately directed in another direction, away from your home or surroundings.

Mint spray

Fill a small spray bottle with water almost to the very top. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil from mint. Do not use mint extract or some fake essential oils. Close the bottle and shake it hard. Spray in the air and try to make it work, and if necessary add a few drops of essential oil. When spraying, pay attention to the corners where you mostly notice their presence.

Mint oil for indoors

Soak small wool balls with essential mint oil and place them on a plate. Place them in places in enclosed spaces where the ants meet. Do not place these balls on wooden furniture, fabric or any other delicate surface, because the likelihood of leaving stains is high. Repeat the procedure as needed. This is one of the most ideal ways of protection, but it only works indoors.

Note: The mint oil is quite strong and do not touch your eyes before washing your hands. Keep your pets away from the areas where you have set up spiders and ants protectors. The essential oil from mint is not harmful, only if you are not allergic, even helps with strong headaches.

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