Pineberries: The Ancient Strawberry That Tastes Like Pineapple Is Being Brought Back

Pineberries: The Ancient Strawberry That Tastes Like Pineapple Is Being Brought Back

They are intriguing primarily because of their unusual taste and appearance, and, like any other fruit, because of the health benefits that the human body has for their consumption.

Pineapple strawberries are generally slightly smaller than red domestic ones, they are white and have red spots on them. In the event that they give rise to pink color. They have a scent of forest strawberries and the taste of pineapple. In South America, they are long produced, and Dutch farmers brought them to their market in the early decade, from where they spread everywhere.

The main difference between red and white strawberries, if white is not formed by crossing red strawberries and pineapple, is in the protein Fra1, to which some people are allergic, and in white strawberries there are none.

Types of white strawberries(Pineberries)

There are several types of white strawberries, but not all of them are completely natural, through the seeds. The only two species that have been transplanted through the seeds are Alpine (Fragaria vesca) and Beach (Fragaria chiloensis). While they are the first to be characteristic of Europe, others are most likely to go to Chile, where they are one of the national features.

However, in addition to these two types of white strawberries, farmers around the world have made efforts to expand production to more diverse types of white strawberries, and the hybrids that the English called pineberry, like some mixture of strawberries and pineapples, came about.

Unlike the two species mentioned above, people who are generally allergic to strawberries may have reactions to pineberry, because they were created by grafting pineapples and strawberries.

Like everything else, with various grafting and breeding today in Japan, you can find several types of white strawberries, from tiny, ‘pineberry’ white strawberries, as the English have called them, all of which are Shiroi Houseki, the largest white strawberries, also called White Jewel, or White Jewel. Apart from being the largest, these giant white strawberries are also the most expensive white berries on the market. Shiroi Houseki in 2013 created Jasuhita Tešima and they are produced only today in his Saga prefecture.

Benefits for health

In addition to having no allergic effect due to the lack of protein Fra1, of course, if we are talking about the only true types of white strawberries, white strawberries have a number of other benefits to our body. They are rich in vitamins A and C, vitamins from Group B vitamins, potassium, iron, acids, and antioxidants. In particular, white strawberries have an impact on the following health conditions:

Strengthen the immunity

Because of the richness of vitamin C, white strawberries serve as active protection against free radicals that, in various ways, reach our organism and threaten to harm our organs and weaken the overall function of our organism. In addition, white strawberries are rich in antioxidants, and the body strengthens it by completely cleansing it of already existing toxic substances that move freely within our body, both in the organs and in the blood;

Preventing premature aging

White strawberries have proven to be a very significant elixir of youth. Because they are also strong antioxidant, white berries clean face from acne and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and stamens. In addition, white, sometimes also called albino, strawberries have natural bleaching agents. Which makes it very easy to clean the skin, giving it natural shine and uniformity.

In addition to keeping our skin vital, white strawberries also affect the faster regeneration of skin cells. And in case of various injuries of the skin or insect bites, they accelerate the healing process.

Control blood pressure

White strawberries are very rich in potassium and iron, which has a positive effect on the bloodstream. And, therefore, the heart’s work. Thanks to these minerals, oxygen easily flows through the veins, slower thrombus formation. And various veins of the veins and arteries. And because of the richness of antioxidants, there is a lower risk of excess cholesterol production. Because of all of the above, white strawberries have been proven to be the perfect preventative alternative medicine against the onset of atherosclerosis. Various heart disease, infarction, and heart attack. In addition, they help in the balance of blood pressure, which in turn these conditions are prevented.

Prevent liver damage

The liver is the only organ in the human body that is completely regenerated. Which does not, however, mean that it is completely immune from various external influences and diseases. One of the most common causes of liver failure is alcohol. But there are also many other factors that, to a greater or lesser degree, damage the body itself and thus affect its proper functioning. In addition, although it regenerates itself, the liver regeneration process is extremely slow.

Studies have shown that fresh juice or smoothie of white, pineapple, strawberries, which is drunk on an empty stomach. Has a very positive effect on the liver and its functioning. It primarily accelerates the healing process of the cells and regenerates the liver. Maintains its proper functioning and prevents the cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis.

Prevent and control diabetes

Because of the high levels of antioxidants and carbohydrate deficiency, white strawberries have proven to be an excellent prevention against diabetes and an excellent blood sugar controller. However, many people with diabetes have already a genetic predisposition to the development of this disease. So it can not always be completely eradicated. However, the regular consumption of white strawberries in their season has proven to slow down the development of diabetes. And in the event of its occurrence, it affects the blood sugar level as insulin. And it helps in its proper balance and serves as a preventive measure against potential complications.

Prevent cancer development

Due to the high concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins. And many other white strawberries are very active in the fight against various toxic cells, including carcinogens. Thanks to white strawberries, carcinogenic free radicals are neutralized. And ejected from the body until they have yet entered healthy cells and caused their mutation. This also prevents the appearance of various types of cancer and various chronic diseases.

They hydrate the body

Like red strawberries, white, albino or pineapple, strawberries are also rich in water, they hydrate the body and prevent rapid dehydration. And because of the richness of various nutrients combined with a large amount of water, they give energy. That is why the best solutions for people who are engaged in walking or long hiking are because they can only keep a few pieces of white strawberries agile enough to continue the journey.

Apart from the fruit itself, the leaves of white strawberries are also very healthy. And greatly help our body if you make tea, and here are the ways:

Accelerate the proper functioning of the digestive system

White strawberry leaves increase appetite and accelerate metabolism and promote the proper functioning of the digestive system. Research has shown that tea from white strawberry leaves is very good for treating gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, nausea. Constipation, and reduces acid in the stomach.

It serves for detoxification of the organism

In addition to a large number of antioxidants in the pineberries itself. White berries can boast a large number of antioxidants in their leaves. Which is why the fruits are good for total detoxification of the organism. Because they primarily kill and practically remove all deposits of toxic radicals. And, they also affect the digestive system of the organism, they also accelerate their ejection.

Treats Throat

There is no longer a specific season of colds and various throat diseases. Every month there is some new reason for the occurrence of inflammation of the throat or dry cough. But, fortunately, there is an alternative medicine in each season that can cure the throat. One of them is white berries. The recipe is very simple: all it takes is to put several sheets of white strawberries in the jaw. Pour the water and boil it. Then leave it for 4 to 5 minutes to make the tea. After which the tea should be processed and eat tea.

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