Parrot Trapped On Roof Tells Fire Crew To “F*** Off” When They Try To Rescue Her

Macau parrot Jesse from Edmonton wanted to be alone so he flew out of the house and landed on the roof. He stood there for three days until the owners called for firefighters to put him down.

Judging by the firefighters’ greetings, Parrot Jesse never wanted to return home, Unilad writes.

The owners explained to firefighters that if they told him “I love you,” Jesse might be tempted to land, to which he would usually respond, “I love you, too.”

However, when the fireman told him that he loved him, the parrot replied, “Fuck off,” or “Fuck off!”, Then he flew to another roof.

Jesse, as the owners say, speaks both Turkish and Greek, but it seems he had a ready and very simple English dictionary for the firefighters.

After the roof, he flew to a nearby tree, and firefighters gave up their rescue and let Jesse rest in the neighborhood of his house for as long as he needed.

Swallow explained that as with this incident, the RSPCA should be contacted in the first instance. He encouraged all people to do the same in case they see an animal stuck or in distress.

However, if the RSPCA requires their assistance, they will call them and the firefighters would be happy to help with our specialist equipment.

After Jessie returned home of her own accord, her owner sent the firefighters a video, to thank them for their help.

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