Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil: How to Use it to Treat All Pains, Colds, Infections, Sores Without Any Drugs

Oregano is a Mediterranean herb, which is often used as a spice. Many scientific studies have confirmed that this herb has medicinal properties.

But recently, in the world of health and nutrition, more and more origano oil is spoken of.

Why exactly is this oil so popular?

Research by the US Department of Agriculture showed that oregano has two to three times greater antioxidant activity compared to other herbs – from apple as much as 42 times, potatoes 30 times, orange 12, and 4 times more in relation to the blueberry .

The oil that is obtained from this herb is known as the strongest plant antiseptic.

What is important to emphasize is that there is no talk of oregano oil obtained from wild oregano leaves, does not mean the same thing that we are all accustomed to using as obligatory spice for other pizzas and other Mediterranean dishes.

Oregano Oil

The wild oregano grows at high altitudes (1,500 – 2,000 m) and is not used as a spice. Some of the beneficial effects of this oil are:

This powerful oil is considered the strongest natural antibiotic, and it also helps in many different health conditions.

Powerful fighter against viral and bacterial infections

Many different studies show the power of wild oregano in terms of combating viral and bacterial infections. It is a great ally in the fight against 30 bacterial species, including Escherichia coli, which for many creates major problems. However, it is recommended to mix it with other oils due to its power.

Relieves menstrual cramps

Traditionally used during menstruation, it relieves the pain during this unpleasant period for women. Also, it is you can use it for irregular menstruation and belongs to herbal products that stimulate blood flow to the pelvic region. It is therefore not for pregnant women.

It helps with digestive problems

Without good digestion, there is no good health. Wild oregano stimulates the flow in the digestion system while improving the whole process of digestion. Also, it reduces the production of gases and helps regulate gastric acids.

The oil alleviates the consequences of skin diseases

Oregano oil is for those who have a problem with psoriasis, eczema or rosacea. It is important to note that due to its strength, it can cause irritation or redness, so it should first be tested on the skin.

It’s rich with minerals and other natural ingredients

It is rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and E, iron, niacin, calcium and manganese.

It relieves respiratory problems

Studies show that it is excellent against bronchitis, asthma and respiratory problems caused by flu and colds. One of its main ingredients – carvacrol is excellent against upper respiratory tract infections, and also helps with lower respiratory infections.

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects the heart and blood vessels from the damage caused by free radicals.

Against toothache

The oregano oil effectively relieves a toothache by killing the bacterium that causes the pain. Apply oil directly to the infected tooth. Removing the gums and herpes can also you can cure with putting a few drops on the infected gum with clean fingers or you can apply a drop of toothbrush before brushing your teeth. With regular application, you will significantly improve your oral health and hygiene. Herpes in the oral cavity can be effectively removed by flushing the oral cavity with a combination of wild oregano oil and water, or by directly applying a slightly diluted oil to the sore spot.

Helps with sports injuries

This oil relieves cramps and muscle pains and accelerates the healing of injuries, and its anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful drug for arthritis.

How to use wild oregano oil?

The recommended dose is 1 to 4 drops three times a day. This means that the maximum is 12 drops per day, but you should not take them at once. The oregano oil has an extremely intense taste, so it must be diluted with water or juice, or be consumed in the form of a pill, but it should not be drunk purely.

Which oregano oil is best?

The most important thing you should pay attention to when buying oregano oil is the amount of carvacrol because the antimicrobial oil efficiency depends on that ingredient. It’s important to look at whether the wild oregano oil is already diluted, which is extremely common. If so, it is much weaker and will last a shorter time period. It is therefore best to get purely essential oil, of organic origin, without any additives.

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