Five Dried Plums

Only Five Dried Plums A Day Will Do More For Your Health Than Medicines

If you find that there is always a plate of plums on your grandmother’s table, believe it is not accidental. Packed with nutrients that protect bones and improve overall health, plums are perhaps one of the most important fruits for healthy aging. Although they contain a certain amount of sugar, dried plums also contain fibers that reduce blood sugar absorption.

Only five dried plums a day will do more for your health than medicines

In other words, you do not have to worry about whether this dried fruit will raise your blood sugar, as the plum fiber contains it. Fibers also help with constipation and other disorders of the digestive system, such as hemorrhoids that are common in the elderly.

Plums increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, which can lead to weight loss, and they have been shown to grow very quickly. Half a cup of dried plums contains 6 grams of fiber, which is a pretty good amount of this important nutrient. Plums also contain other nutrients, such as potassium (which helps digestion and regulate blood pressure), vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin B6, as well as niacin and iron.

When it comes to the health of your bones and muscles, dried plums are a great dietary supplement as they contain boron, a mineral essential for bone and muscle building. One study found that consuming plums prevented bone loss in postmenopausal women, a condition preceded by osteoporosis, and respondents ate only six plums a day.

Another study found that consuming dried plums reduces the negative effects of radiation on bone mass, so people on this treatment should add dried plums to their diet.

Due to the abundance of iron, plums are also a great ally of beauty. Iron deficiency, which is very common in older women, causes oxidative damage to the skin, leading to more wrinkles and skin aging. The same is the case with hair loss. You only need to eat 5 plums each day and you will notice changes very quickly.

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