Oncologists Won’t Tell You About The Essential Oils

Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About The Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used in numerous cultures for decades to help remove the disease. These oils can gain their appeal through pleasant smells but will retain longevity, due to research and increased demand for alternative medicine.

Different varieties of frankincense oil have been found to kill bladder cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer

Oncologists won’t tell you about the essential oils that kill cancer cells of different type. Read below to find out, what type of essential oil kills what type of cancer.

Oncologists Won’t Tell You About The Essential Oils

The University of Oklahoma in the field of health has found that different types of incense oil are effective in destroying cancer cells. Boswellia carteri has been found to focus on carcinogens in bladder tumors, kills them, and leaves healthy cells. Also, boswellia sacramay is thought to be effective in preventing breast cancer. Boswellia sacrais is effective for the treatment of basal cell cancer. Boswellia carteri and Santalum album kill carcinogens in different ways. When combined, they form a strong alliance for the destruction of cancer.

Twelve essential oils, which help fight cancer, increase immunity and improve health and well-being

Frankincense oil is not the only effective oil for cancer. Think about adding the next 12 oils to your collection to stimulate the immune system and help your body fight infections and diseases.

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Black Pepper: used for asthma, sinuses, chronic bad digestion, colds, respiratory infections, obesity, inaccurate metabolism, urinary problems, cholera, headache, intermittent fever, toxic residues in the system and cancer.

Cinnamon: Eighty studies have studied the ability of cinnamaldehyde to inhibit the death of tumor cells and apoptosis of cancer cells.

Cloves: Cloves oil contains 30 times more antioxidants than blueberry, which helps reduce damage from free radicals.

Oregano: the active ingredient of oregano oil, carvacrol, shows that it has countermeasures on metastatic breast cancer cells.

Cardamom: Essential oil from cardamom shows that it has countermeasures.

Fennel: there are also anti cancer properties.

Frankincense: kills bladder cancer, breast cancer, and also skin cancer.

Lavender oil: contains a sclerol that has anticancer effects on breast cancer cells.

Tea tree oil: it has been found that tea tree oil is also fighting with non-melanoma skin cancer in mice.

Immortelle: research shows that immortelle oil reduces inflammation, fights damage to free radicals and has cortical-like effects.

Rosemary: A study shows that 1% essential oil of rosemary is capable of deactivating more than 90% of the ovarian and liver cancer cells.

Thyme: 2010 research has shown that thyme oil is effective against breast cancer, lung cancer, and also prostate cancer.

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