Newborn Baby Greets Dad

Newborn Baby Greets Dad With A Beaming Smile The Instant She Recognizes His Voice

When Antonella was born, her smile showed that she had developed a special bond with her father.

Flavio and Tarsila are new parents from Brazil. Flavio talked to his daughter every day while she was still in her stomach. “He always told her how much he loved her,” Mom Tarsila said.

Tarsila says Flavio greeted Antonella every morning when she went to work, and when she returned from work. When Antonella was finally born, it is no wonder that she had such a reaction to her father’s voice.

Newborn baby greets dad

“They laid him down while he was sleeping and as soon as his husband spoke, Antonella opened her eyes and laughed,” his mother recalled.

Fortunately, the moment was spotted with a photo that became popular on the Internet.

Mama described her daughter as “a gift sent from God”.

May everyone’s heart rejoice in their Heavenly Father, just as this baby did.

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