A New Study Shows That Kids Are The Most Misbehaved Around Their Moms!

A New Study Shows That Kids Are The Most Misbehaved Around Their Moms!

Have you noticed that most children behave badly when they are near their mother? Blogger and mother Kate Baltorski think she has discovered why this is so …

“They were great all day while they were with me, and those seconds when they saw you, they were totally crazy, Kate! I do not understand!?”

This way my husband met me completely confused a few days ago.

The next morning I read a nice article whose title was:

“Study: Children are 800 percent worse when their mothers are in the room” (fake study). I was delighted when I read the title, but immediately after reading, I realized that the text was fake. Nevertheless, what was not false was the concept – it is completely true! Children are really 800 times worse when they are near mum !!! But why?

Well, my dear mom, that’s because you VI are their safe place. You are those who will immediately run if they have a problem. If you can not fix things, who can?

You are, dear mothers, garbage cans in which all unpleasant and bad emotions are thrown away.

If the little ones keep it all within themselves, as soon as they see you, they will know that there is a moment when they can relax and let all the ugly ones occupy them.

He’ll let it go by hitting the hook, crying, screaming, screaming … It’s probably the last thing you’d like to see you home when you get tired of returning from work or going out with a buddy, but that’s what we, as mothers , we get – an emotional release like a slap right from the door.

You did not spoil your children if you cross the home threshold as soon as possible. No, no … Do not let anyone say such a thing to you.

A mother who loves her daughter more than anyone loved her child

Instead, you have created a space enough safe for your child to have permission to be natural.

And what is perhaps the most important of all – for children, it is very important to behave naturally, to know how to show emotions, to be able to distinguish feelings. When they grow up, it will be important for us to have developed emotional intelligence and self-confidence, right?

So do not take it all as bad.

Are children expecting you in tears, drinking, climbing furniture, you? If the answer to this question is positive, do not worry. That means they love you, even though I know that this probably drives you.

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