Never See Ants Again

Never See Ants Again. 6 Natural Repellents That Will Clean Your Home

Before taking store-bought preparations, try those who you already have in your home


Chalk yes, well read! An ordinary school chalk can chase the ants. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply drag the line with the chalk on the edges of the windows and the door, as well as along the kitchen elements. This should prevent them from entering the house.

Baking soda

You surely have it already at home because it is one of the most useful products for human use. However, how good is it for humans, it is so devastating to the ants. How will you make a great natural remedy for getting rid of ants from home? Mix equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. Then put the mixture on the surface where you noticed ants and leave it there for some time. You can also use it outside, sprinkle it in front of the door and on the edges of the windows, where the ants enter the house.


It acts just like the baking soda. Mix with a little powder with water and sugar and put in a bowl, which you need to leave at the places where the ants gather. Take care that your pets do not come into contact with this mixture, which is not poisonous only to the ants, but also for them.


Another of the products you surely have in the house can help you get rid of the annoying ants, which is the vinegar. Mix alcoholic white vinegar with a little water and spray the surface on which the ants move, as well as the space around the windows and the door.


Ants, at least so experts say, hate the smell of this herb and avoid it in a wide bow. Mint can be planted in flower pots or plant around the house. While waiting to grow, try to solve the problem with the help of essential oil from this herb. Simply mix it with a little water and apply on the surface on which the ants move.


For us, it is a source of health, and for ants, it’s a reason to escape from it. Just cut the cloves of garlic and spread them around the house and in front of the windows and doors. When they dry, replace them with new cloves.