Music As a Cure For Insomnia

Music As a Cure For Insomnia

It has been proven that music affects our emotions. It can make us cry but also fill us with positive energy. A recent study conducted by Hong Kong scientists and doctors has shown that music can also put us to sleep.

Music as a cure for insomnia

Namely, participants in the study who listened to music every night before going to bed for 30-45 minutes fell asleep faster, but also slept better and felt better the next morning.

The songs listened to during the research had between 60 and 80 beats per minute. At about the same pace our heartbeats as we fall asleep. By doing so, scientists have confirmed that we can force the body to relax by listening to real music.

Other researchers previously worked with musicians to create music that would help people fall asleep faster. So, in 2011, the English trio “Marconi Union” recorded “Weightless” – a tune designed to help listeners relax through controlled sounds and rhythm that slows down their heartbeat.

Music seems to have an effect on anxiety as well. A recent study found that participants who listened to music while solving difficult puzzles had lower levels of anxiety by as much as 65% compared to those who did not listen to music during tasks.

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