Stress Points to Quickly Relax

Massage These Stress Points to Quickly Relax a Fussy or Crying Baby

If you’ve never heard of reflexology, it’s pretty useful to enter. Especially if you are a new parent! According to, Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, muscles, bones and body.

We continue to point out that babies are rather sensitive to reflexology. In fact, those mothers who rub children’s feet when they are born, crying or dissatisfied can in fact calm them down. In fact, reflexology can help alleviate a child suffering from abdominal pain, headache, sinus syndrome, etc.

You really need to understand the different points in a child’s foot that affects each of these pains.

Sinus pain is not pleasant

So imagine how a little child feels when he has it. This is “inflammation of the nose and sinus mucous”. You can calm your baby against pain in the area of ​​the sinus gently massaging the baby’s feet. Applying pressure to the feet, which are right underneath their fingers. Do not push too much, which could hurt the baby.

Anyone knows how painful for the child is when the teeth appear

Modern reflexology notes that dentition can cause severe toothache and headaches, but by mildly massaging the tip of the child’s fingers, you can alleviate pain. It will relax and soften the baby from pain.

No one likes pain in the stomach

When the baby has abdominal pain, you feel helpless. You do not know what to do to relieve pain. Well, reflexology is the answer. All you need to do is start massaging the center of your child’s fingers in a circular motion. The central area of ​​the heel is “connected with a solar plexus that is full of nerves that are between the stomach and our lungs.”

It is noted that “the massage helps in all flows and movements, so every” accumulated “congestion or fluid encourages them to move and get easier out of the system.” So, if your baby is experiencing chest congestion, you should massage your feet exactly at the base of the bow. Gently massage that space in a circular motion.

Pain in the area of ​​the pelvis is the next common discomfort that children experience

Fortunately, reflexology can help. According to a healthy lifestyle, if your baby has a lot of pain in the hips, massage the heel feet will help them to get rid of pain. It would also free them from a thrill of excitement and constipation.

These stress points are good for a massage in babies, so try them next time you notice something is off with your baby.

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