Marijuana Tampons

Marijuana Tampons Are Here To Save You From Period Cramps

Many women face PMS every month, and most commonly there are cramps that appear in the stomach and back pain. How to relieve painful menstrual problems, Fiora has created a cannabis tampon.

Marijuana Tampons

Marijuana-based tampons contain Thc and Cbd, two active ingredients of marijuana, as the company team says, Thc helps the nerves to block the pain while Cbd relieves unpleasant symptoms of inflammation.

The tampon is designed to release the muscles and reduce pain without psychoactive effects per user. The company said, adding that the tampon, after insertion into the vagina, 15-30 minutes, gives great relief.

A team from the company also explains how they came to the idea of ​​creating these unusual tampons.

“Cannabis is through history known as a natural remedy that relieves pain that causes menstruation. We wanted to divide the strong medical effects of this plant and provide women with a safe and accessible experience. “

Marijuana Tampons

As it is stated, their product can be especially useful for women suffering from painful disorders of endometriosis. But also for births that represent the most difficult experiences in the lives of many women.

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