Maple Juice

You Know Maple Juice Is Very Delicious But Did You Know This?

The composition of maple juice is very precious in it include organic acids, carotenoids, B, C, E, flavonoid, large amounts of microelements, glucose, fructose, and up to 10% sucrose, which means that it is not only useful but tasty. This syrup is beneficial for the following health problems:

In the case of avitaminosis and poor immunity.

In maple juice, there are vitamins practically from all groups and the benefits of taking it can be compared with medicines that raise immunity.

Also in the case of psychological effort and depression.

A glass of juice satisfies the daily requirement of the organism for magnesium and phosphorus, which offers the body support for the nervous, muscular activity of the organism.

Gastric ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, chronic constipation, and tumor.

In maple juice, abscisic acid is the only plant hormone that normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and helps in the treatment of bile.

In the event of a genic disease of the urinary system and swelling.

Also, in the composition of the juice are acids and polyphenols that have a mild diuretic effect. And throw out the excess fluid from the body.

If you have a cold.

Juice helps fight viral diseases.

If you are suffering from external wounds.

In the juice, there is a substance that in its composition and action is similar to an antibiotic. So it can be used for scratching and surface wounds.