Little Beds For Animals

Man Transforms Old Tires Into Adorable Little Beds For Animals

Brazilian Amarildo Silva has decided to turn old tires into beautiful and comfortable beds for dogs and cats. His handicrafts have captivated many owners around the world

In Brazil, 39% of waste produced daily is made up of old tires.

Amarildo Silva decided to use old tires in his own way by turning them into comfortable beds for dogs and cats.

It all started two years ago when Amarildo was looking for a way to make extra money by using the waste people throw on the street every day. He has always enjoyed making handicrafts with materials that are no longer in use and that would otherwise be discarded artfido reports.

Creating something new from this, he not only contributed to the well-being of the environment. But also earned a few extra dollars in the process.

Amarildo realized that old tires were used as a shelter for dogs living on the street. And he came up with the idea of ​​making them feel at home and making them more animal-friendly.

The artist collects old tires he finds on the streets, takes them home and puts them in his yard. He transformed his entire room into a made-up crib storage room.

After splitting the tires, he cuts them, scrubs and paints them. He likes to draw a unique design for each tire. And write the name of the animal the bed will belong to.

In addition to the bed, the artist also makes beautiful containers for plants.

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