Natural Tick Deterrent

Make Your Own Natural Tick Deterrent

Every summer we are bombarded with warnings about ticks and lime diseases. It is very important to watch them whenever you are in nature, and there is a natural recipe that you will deterrent them.

It’s a time when everyone is afraid of ticks

You can keep ticks away with this recipe

This recipe is suitable for both humans and dogs (not for cats), without any unhealthy chemicals because it is a natural essential oil.

Natural tick deterrent ingredients:

Lemongrass oil (15 drops)
Tea Tree Oil (10 – 12 drops)
Lemon Oil (15 drops)
400 milliliters of American witch-hazel without alcohol.

Put this all over and pour into the bowl with a sprayer and spray the skin, and you should be calm.

In addition to these essential oils, these are some of the more commonly used to protect from ticks but also other insects:

Lavender oil – this smell is horrific for mosquitos, flys and other insects.

Eucalyptus oil – you can use it alone or in combination with lemon oil. Research has shown that eucalyptus oil helps to recover skin and reduce infection after ticks and other insects bite.

Mint oil – it comes from a dwarf family, is toxic to insects and is therefore ideal for home recipes for sprays to refuse to attack.

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