Make This Natural DIY Fruit Fly Trap That Actually Work

Make This Natural DIY Fruit Fly Trap That Actually Work

Sometimes (especially in summer and autumn), in the apartment suddenly appears small annoying flies, gray or reddish. These creatures are fertile flies of Drosophila. In nature, there are more than two thousand species of these flies, representatives of the Digira family.

Due to the characteristics of the genetic apparatus, they are fascinated by the subject of the study of genetic mutations and the mechanisms of inheritance of the thirties of the twentieth century.

In nature, fruit flies live in orchards, near factories for processing plant material, in the regions of wineries. Fruit flies are also happily living in urban apartments. They do not hurt, you do not bite, but the very mirror of the dairy small insects multiplying at incredible speed causes discomfort.

The fruit flies in the house can be very annoying. They can appear on rotten fruits, wines etc.

But there is a way to get rid of them. First we need to eliminate the sources around which they gather, and then we need to catch the fruit flies. There are natural diy fruit fly trap that you can make at home that actually work.

Fruit flies can be grabbed if we put wine or fruit in a glass or bottle (apple, banana, etc.).

We suggest you to make this diy fruit fly trap

At the opening of the container, which will serve as a trap, make a funnel of paper that will have a thin opening. The flies will go inside, but they will not be able to get out.

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