The Magical Power Of Beets. Treat One Disease, Cure Five!

The Magical Power Of Beets. Treat One Disease, Cure Five!

It was in the spring of 2017 that the intestines suddenly became stuck: the stomach stopped working, and we were at the weekend house. After several hours of torture from the inevitable operation, only my wife saved me, which is otherwise a doctor. With certain physical pressures and massage of my stomach, it relieves me. I was exhausted, on a strict diet, and besides that, I have hemorrhoids, three balls covered my rectum in full.

Beetroot yeast for salvation

We had only beets from the natural remedies that helped in the given situation. My wife made me a yeast from the beets (while preparing the yeast, she gave me beetroot and carrot juice and salad from beets with only herbal oil). Don’t underestimate the power of beets

Here’s how the precious beetroot yeast is made:

fill the pot of five liters with water and allow it to boil. After three minutes, add 500 g of cleaned and grated beets. Allow it to stand for three hours, then strain, add 150 g sugar and teaspoon of dry yeast. After 24 hours I was already drinking the beetroot yeast, as much as I wanted. The next day, I started to throw out gases and felt a great relief, my stomach worked again. The wife immediately prepared another beetroot yeast.

The whole family started drinking this yeast

After the analysis, the doctor noticed that my blood pressure stabilized, the pains in the area of the heart stopped, and the varicose veins of the lower limbs were reduced. I was curing intestinal blockage, and I cured atrial fibrillation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and hypertension. After the examinations, I did not need more than one drug! I want to add that the treatment can only be successful if you completely exclude the need for alcoholic beverages (this includes beer). If you only drink a glass of wine once or twice, the disease will come back and you have to start from the beginning.

The beets yeast now drinks my whole family, although they were once skeptical.