Lemon Water: Morning Vs. Bedtime

Lemon Water: Morning Vs. Bedtime

You have all heard thousands of times that lemon water is “magical” because it removes an unprecedented number of pounds in a very small number of days. Unfortunately, a good part of it is either simply not true or exaggerated – because, even to help you lose weight, it certainly won’t make you lose a ton of weight in a week. However, the fact is that water with lemon has a positive effect on the body and, while everyone talks about drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach, the truth is that it is equally healthy to drink a glass of this refreshing drink in the evening, at bedtime.

A quarter of a lemon squeezed into a glass of water is just enough for your body, and to be about the temperature like your body’s temperature. According to ancient Chinese medicine, cold drinks have a stressful effect on our body …

Lemon water in the morning: the benefits

Lemon juice in warm water is an ideal beverage immediately after waking because it prepares the body for what awaits it in the day – detoxifies it, has a beneficial effect on the skin, stimulates the brain and digestive system, helps in losing excess weight …

Water needs to be warm because it is better for your body. Namely, according to ancient Chinese medicine, cold drinks have a stressful effect on our body because they have to be warmed by the body before going through the digestive system. A quarter of a lemon squeezed into a glass of water is just enough for your body.

Alkalises the body

Although many people think the opposite, because it has a sour taste, lemon is actually alkaline and contributes to reducing the acidity of your body, which is extremely important for health. Experts say the body is prone to various ailments when it is acidic and that care should be taken about what is introduced into the body.

Back in 1933, the American doctor William Howard claimed that the cause of all diseases was the accumulation of acid in the body and recommended a diet with alkaline foods. He also wrote the book ‘A New Health Era’ about it. When the body becomes too acidic, this condition is called acidosis. Then people have less energy, are less healthy and more prone to overweight problems. The ideal body pH is 7.

It stimulates digestion

This simple beverage will purify your body of accumulated toxins and purify your digestive system to work better. Being the first one taken in the morning, it stimulates the digestive system and moisturizes the colon so there is no problem with constipation. In addition, it stimulates liver function.

Lemon helps the liver produce more bile so it is easier for the body to break down complex foods and extract useful ingredients from them. Lemon has antibacterial properties that protect against any infection. It also helps to produce mucus in the stomach and expel toxins from the body.

It has a diuretic effect

This is great prevention of retaining excess fluid that will escape from the body with warm water and lemon. In addition, the urinary system will be healthier. This beverage cleanses the urinary tract and protects it from infections and is a good solution for people who suffer from urinary tract infections frequently.

For better immunity

Lemon is known to contain vitamin C, which is important for the good functioning of the immune system and protection of the body against disease. Lemon is also rich in potassium, which stimulates the brain and nervous system, and is good for controlling blood pressure.

If you want to be disease resistant, be sure to add some honey to the warm water with lemon.

Refreshing breath

The citric acid contained in the lemon will refresh your breath after waking up when your mouth was full of bacteria because they were closed all night so bacteria could multiply without much disruption. In addition, lemon protects against inflammation of the gums, which is also important for good breath.

The skin is nicer

As it cleanses the body of accumulated toxins, warm water with lemon has a beneficial effect on the skin as it keeps it healthy, and therefore beautiful, firmer and younger. Lemon helps cleanse the blood and stimulates the production of new blood cells and collagen.

In addition, it has antibacterial properties so skin is less prone to acne and helps in the healing process of wounds.

It improves mood

The vitamin C it contains in lemon is known to act as an ‘energy bomb’ which means your body will fill up with a burst of energy very soon after waking up. Some say it is better to drink water and lemon for waking in the morning than coffee.

A good mood will result in less chance of anxiety or depression, and it will be easier to survive everyday stressful situations.

It hydrates the body

It is important, especially after waking up, to moisturize your body well, and a glass of lukewarm water is ideal for this. Namely, at night the fluid from the body is lost and the dehydrated body cannot function properly. Water, because it is lukewarm, will quickly be absorbed through the body.

The human body averages 65 to 70 percent of water, but this slowly declines over the years. In order to be healthy and feel well, it is necessary to maintain that level. I.e to bring enough fluid into the body.

Soothes cough

In addition to soothing coughs, lemon juice helps to remove mucus that causes coughing. Also, it alleviates problems for people suffering from asthma. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to the lukewarm lemon water.

Lemon water before bedtime: the benefits

If you decide to drink lemon water at bedtime tonight, your body will be grateful to you for four things.

Better sleep

Hydration is very, very important for proper sleep. And a glass of water with lemon is an ideal drink. Because, you will not overdo it (because drinking too much water in the evening is also not recommended) you will bring along with water the vitamins that are necessary for balance in the body. We spend a lot of time during the day, so we need more than one vitamin bomb in the evening to make up for it. In the long run, this little ritual can help you get your hormones in order. And is generally quite enjoyable, especially on these hot days.

Burning calories

No, you won’t lose five pounds overnight. But a glass of ice-cold water with lemon at bedtime can help you burn more calories. Coldwater is in itself a good way to burn calories because the body has to spend energy (so calories) to keep it warm. When you add lemon juice to the water, the body needs to work a little harder to keep it warm. Which speeds up metabolism and somehow makes you burn more calories during sleep.

Faster metabolism

This is especially important for all of you who like to go for a small night walk to the fridge. Lemon water can help you digest food more easily and therefore sleep better at night. On the other hand, if you have digestive problems, a glass of lemon water at bedtime can resolve the matter in a few weeks.


Let’s understand that the only detox that your body really needs is called a liver. And possibly the kidneys. All other things, such as shakes and pills, only serve to pick up steam and do absolutely nothing, except it may help your liver do a bit of work. Instead of throwing money away, just drink (guess) a glass of lemon water at bedtime. Your body will not get rid of all the toxins overnight. But because of this, vitamins in water will give your organs a small boost to what they need to do.

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