Do You Know When Is Actually The Right Time To Brush Your Teeth?

In the oral cavity, there are hundreds of different bacteria that multiply during the day, on the surface of the teeth. This can affect the immune system and cause inflammatory processes if you do not get rid of the bacteria in a timely manner.

Do you know when to actually brush your teeth?

The accumulated food residues at night are a real feast for the bacteria and create the perfect base for dental plaque formation. Some research has shown that irregular oral cavity hygiene, in addition to caries problems, can also cause problems such as heart disease, cancer, and digestive system diseases.

What Do Dentists Say?

Dentists advise that it is best to brush your teeth immediately after waking up, or before breakfast. This will get rid of deposits that can cause plaque and bacteria. If you plan to brush your teeth after breakfast, it is best to wait at least 40 minutes after a meal.

Some foods you consume for breakfast contain sugar and acid that alter the pH of the mouth, thereby weakening your teeth. Acid can penetrate deeper into your teeth and start to spoil them.

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