Key Limes Significantly Kill Cancer Cells

Key Limes Significantly Kill Cancer Cells And Stop Tumor Growth In Their Tracks!

Lime has a thin, smooth peel and refreshing acidic juice. It is low calorie and rich in vitamins (also an excellent source of vitamin C) and minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron). Lime is particularly emphasized by the abundance of flavonoids – strong antioxidants that act antimicrobial, strengthen immunity, balance fat in the blood, protect the cardiovascular and respiratory system …

Key Limes Significantly Kill Cancer Cells

Lime is a sweet cousin of lemon. It is characterized by a recognizable taste that resembles the Caribbean. The benefits of this exceptionally healthy fruit are:

Lime as an ally of women’s health

This citrus gem contains calcium and folic acid, two nutrients extremely important for ladies in post-menopause, but also women who are still in the fertile period. One fresh lime contains 22 mg of calcium and more than five micrograms of folic acid.
It’s not bad for a little fruit!

Lime peel helps fight skin aging

The bar of this green fruit contains an ingredient that inhibits the production of melanin.

This pigment that gives the skin color can, with years and exposure to UV rays, accumulate and deposit as dark spots on your skin.

To avoid hyperpigmentation, apply a mask with lumps of lime on your skin

To avoid hyperpigmentation, apply a mask with lumps of lime on your skin.

Key Limes Significantly Kill Cancer Cells

Medicinal compounds in the lime prevent cancer of the colon, stomach and also blood.

Although the exact mechanism is not known, scientists have noticed that antioxidants from the lime destroy cells of the cancer.

Lemon lemon is kept longer in the bloodstream because it contains more free radicals than green tea or dark chocolate.

Lime juice prevents the formation of stone in the kidney

Whether you use fresh or lemon concentrate, the juice prepared from this fruit contains more citric acid than orange or grapefruit.

Citric acid is a natural ingredient that prevents the formation of kidney stones composed of crystalline calcium.

To make your body use all the benefits of lime, drain the fresh juice and mix it with water.

Lime lower your cholesterol

Studies have shown that flavonoid hexperidin detected in limes can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in people who consume foods that otherwise significantly affect cholesterol levels.

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  1. Thanks for the info.
    We cute our brother from terminal prostate cancer naturally that’s why I’m interested to know more about natural cures.
    The me tostados was in al body bones less legs and hands.
    Doctors give no chance but we did not give up… we can right a book about. He lost 47 kilos and for the past 5 months he gain 23 kg and is under control to don’t gain more. Is driving a car now and working sometimes. I’m soooo happy ? !!!


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