supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging

Innovative Supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging to Avoid Plastics

One of the things you can always see in supermarkets can be individually packaged fruits or vegetables in plastic packaging.

And all this could lead someone to think about the excessive use of plastic. And to come up with an innovative solution such as these banana leaves.

supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging

This is was offered in a supermarket in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as an alternative to plastic packaging.

The supermarket uses banana leaf packaging to avoid plastics

Interesting, is not it?

The man who shot the photos – Simon of Perfect Homes Chiang Mai limited, thinks this is a really great idea. The photos were shared 11 thousand times in less than two days.

There is also another way to use banana leaves, and slowly but surely they find their way to widespread use. So, soon, instead of plastic plates and glasses on our picknicks and barbecues. We could use completely natural and biodegradable plates of banana leaves. They are strong enough to sustain hot and greasy foods.

supermarket Uses Banana Leaf Packaging

Although most have praised this new initiative. Some comment that this does not look like something that could be a way for a complete replacement of plastic packaging.

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