Ikea’s Hydroponic System

Ikea’s Hydroponic System Allows You To Grow Vegetables All Year Round Without A Garden

In April, the company will receive a Krydda / Vaxer assembly, which allows you to grow an entire garden in your own home, based on the principle of hydroponics. This means that fresh salad and fragrant herbs are made possible all year long! The system allows you to grow plants in water without using the soil. Now you can forget to go to the store looking for fresh spices, as the garden will grow and bring joy with its elegant green look even in winter. The main thing in this process is to observe the correct distribution of light and nutrients needed for healthy growth. And observe the level

Ikea’s Hydroponic System

IKEA’s fantastic indoor hydroponic system will allow you to grow fresh produce in your home without the need for soil and prior gardening experience.

It sounds amazing, but all that this system uses is the right amount of light and water. And the best element is that the whole process is done without soil. The absorbent foam that comes with the IKEA system allows the seed to sprout and then continues to maintain plant moisture. Thereby preventing excessive irrigation.

After germination of the seed, the plant is moved to special pots placed under a solar lamp. From which it draws light for growth. Volcanic rocks that retain moisture are also placed in the container. This system is very efficient and can be housed in rooms where there is no sunlight.

This is not the first hydroponic garden, it is part of the KRYDDA / VÄXER series and was created by Swedish agronomists. Targeting consumers who live in buildings and have no access to the garden. But also to those who want fresh fruit in winter days. This way of growing plants is fast. Economical and does not take much time and space, really ideal for modern society.

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