Reverse Cavities

How To Stop Tooth Decay, Reverse Cavities And Heal Gum Diseases

Gum diseases and the oral cavity

Problems with the gums can be cured if the teeth are washed in the morning and evening with lemon juice, of course, if the gums are not too soft and weak. For this, the toothbrush should be dipped in water and a little lemon juice should be added to it.

Against bleeding gums

It is possible to get rid of this without any problems if you drink lemon juice twice a day. The efficiency of the procedure increases if you eat lemon with a decoction.

Reverse Cavities

If the teeth are shattered and if they have cavities, and the gums are atrophied, inflamed or swollen, it is necessary to eat 150 grams of fine cheese with lemon juice twice a day to reverse cavities.

The more man is older, the more he is suffering from paradentosis. It is a testament to your immune system that suffers from a white blood cell deficiency. Their lack is shown, above all, on the parŠ°don of the connective tissue for which the teeth are attached.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. His shortage in the body can also cause some terrible disease, such as a scurvy in which people lose their teeth first. In order not to happen, you must eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Excessive consumption of sweets leads to the rapid proliferation of billions of bacteria in the mouth that causes cavities. And this also leads to disturbances in metabolism. Those who suffer from gum pains should not only eat a lemon but should increase the use of granular substances: pumpkin seeds, sunflower, nut, and hazelnut. They contain a lot of phosphorus that is necessary for teeth and bones.

Rinse in stomatitis

It helps a mixture of equal amounts of lemon juice, boiled so chilled water and honey