How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon: 5 Key Tips From An Experienced Farmer

How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon: 5 Key Tips From An Experienced Farmer

Nothing refreshes anything like a sweet and juicy watermelon during a hot summer day. But the watermelon needs to be carefully selected so you can really enjoy it. You may think that the choice of a perfect watermelon is a coincidence, but there are actually several ways to choose the perfect watermelon.

1. Bright points

When choosing watermelons, the first thing you notice is that large bright area. But these areas are actually very natural. They mark the place where the watermelon was lying in the field.

Although each watermelon has this mark, the best watermelons will have cream-yellow or even orange-yellow areas. Always choose a color close to the gold.

2. Webbing

The web (dry and rough area of ​​the spider web) in watermelon indicates how many times the bee touched the flower. The more pollination it is, the watermelon is sweeter.

3. A boy or a girl?

Maybe you did not know, but the watermelons have gender. “Guys” watermelons are taller and elongated, while the “girls” of the watermelon are rounder and fuller. So, “boys” are actually more watery, and “girls” are sweeter.

4. Size

Healthy reason tells us that it is better. So we think we need to get a lot for the money we pay, and we catch the biggest watermelon we can take, but in reality, it is the best watermelon it is medium in size. It’s not too big, it’s too small, it’s just dark. Size is important.

5. Tail

The watermelon indicator is maturity. The green tail tells us that the watermelon is prematurely harvested so it will not be very tasty. Buy watermelons that have dried tails if you want them to be very tasty.

When it comes to watermelons, there is no saying that you can not judge the book by the covers.

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