This Herb Is The Most Powerful Antibiotic, But We Don’t Use It Correctly

No sauce for pasta I can imagine without this wonderful herb, which, despite being healthy, gives them a wonderful aroma and taste. Oregano is a Mediterranean herb that is found mostly in Italy and Greece, as well as in other Mediterranean countries. I use it in pizza, in preparation of tapenade (olive sauce), in the preparation of various integral and rye breads, etc ..

Oregano oil natural antibiotic

I do not rule out the possibility of mentioning oregano oil. Which is an extremely healthy and interesting ingredient in modern human life. Oregano oil is an antiseptic and works greatly in removing bacteria. Boosting immunity, and as an essential oil, it acts calmly. Fresh oregano is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins. Such as vitamin C, which helps the body deal with it more easily and be resistant to infections.