Herb To Destroy Herpes, Flu, Parasites, Joint Healing, Arthritis, Sciatica and Bladder

Long-lasting greenish herb, semi-bush, high one-inch. The whole herb has a pleasant and very intense smell and taste. The medicinal ingredients are found solely and exclusively in the leaves and in the flowers of the thyme. It should be mentioned that the thyme should be collected carefully. In no case should it be pushed and kicked, because it destroys the herb. Only the upper half of leafy twigs with a flower should be cut off with scissors.

Medicinal properties of thyme:

The herb is among the old folk remedies for treatment. The healing properties are associated with the presence of essential oil. Also you can drink tea of thyme. Thyme tea is antiseptic, against inflammation, it removes pain. It is consumed against insomnia. Female diseases, as a means of alcoholism, gastrointestinal diseases. It is a good means of treating cough in children. Tea bags and coatings are used as an agent against the pain in rheumatism, bone pain, bruising, tumors. Aromatic oil is used for disinfection of the premises. With the tea from the grass, wash the head during a headache, and flush the throat so the bad breath will disappear.


Thyme, due to a large amount of thymol, may irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach, liver, and kidneys. Illnesses from the stomach and duodenal ulcer, as well as from liver and kidney disease (chronic nephritis) should be avoided by long treatment with preparations in which there is thyme.

It is also prohibited to use it in pregnant women.

It should be emphasized that the thyme must not be boiled. This must not be done, because the medicinal ingredients of this highly fragrant and medicinal herb with the boiling will quickly and easily get lost. It is therefore recommended that the thyme is only to be fried with boiled water, immediately close the container, and leave it to stand for 2 hours. Also, it is free to prepare a stronger tea, because thyme does not cause any signs of discomfort or long-term use, nor does it create a addiction of constant consumption.