Healthy Pleasure – Tahini a Sesame Paste

Healthy indulgence – tahini is a sesame paste. But there are two types of tahini. One is made from whole seeds and the other is made from peeled sesame seeds. The second type of tahini is poorer nutrients. You can use tahini to prepare savory and sweet recipes. A wealth of minerals and vitamins will be crucial for the body.

Why should you use tahini?

Tahini should be used because it contains lecithin, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, linolenic acid, oleic acid, lysine, lignans, tryptophan, vitamin E, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B15, and phosphorus. It also contains methionine which helps in detoxification of the liver. It will keep your bones and teeth healthy as it contains calcium.

Tahini contributes to healthy cell growth and prevents anemia. At the same time, it strengthens the muscles and makes the skin healthy. On top of that, tahini helps to lose weight because it allows for quick digestion. Satisfy the need for protein, amino acids, and healthy fats.

Forget about cholesterol and high blood pressure. Remember that using a small amount of tahini daily will improve the performance of your heart, balance the hormones and cleanse your skin (start using it in a timely manner and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and scars that come with age).

Improve cognitive functions, relieve oxidative stress, forget about fatigue and speed up metabolism. Protect yourself against cardiovascular disease and artery disorders. Menopausal women should use tannin to balance the body, forget about fatigue, muscle pain, heart attacks, change emotions. But women of childbearing age should also use tahini as it improves fertility and so on.

How to use and store it?

Primarily, tahini must not be exposed to high temperatures, thus destroying the nutrients. You can use the tahini as a salad dressing. Mix one tablespoon of tahini, one tablespoon of olive oil, half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice), mix and add to salad. Make delicious roasted peppers with garlic. In a bowl, place one tablespoon of tahini, one tablespoon of freshly chopped parsley, one tablespoon of olive oil, half a tablespoon of chopped garlic and apple cider vinegar to taste. Mix and pour the roasted peppers. But this sauce, to which you can add hummus, goes well with cooked vegetables.

With tahini, you can make delicious cakes, muffins or just slice a little tahini into crispy wholemeal bread, and top with your favorite marmalade or jam. In a deep dish, chop fresh fruit, add flakes, nuts as desired and add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of tahini, so you will have a perfect and healthy dessert. You can make a tasty pasta sauce, add ginger, parsley, tahini, cloves, and cooked vegetables. Blend in and pour over the pasta. But you can make a delicious tahini and banana drink, blend these two ingredients and serve.

When it comes to storage, then remember that the tin must be securely closed. Put it in the fridge and you can use it for several months.

How to prepare it at home?

If you have the time, you can make your own homemade tahini. You need a glass of sesame (optional, white, black, decoction or peeled) and two tablespoons of olive oil, but you can also prepare it with a spoonful of sesame oil. First, put the sesame seeds in water, let stand for 10 minutes, then drain nicely and bake. When the sesame seeds begin to turn a darker golden color, remove from the oven and allow to cool. Once cooled, place in a blender, blend until you get a homogeneous mixture, add oil and blend again. Put the mixture in a glass jar and close it tightly. Bon appetite!

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