Heal A Broken Leg, Strengthen Your Bones And Relief Joint Pain With This Remedy

We will share with you the recipe that was discovered by Russian cosmonaut Georgy Grechko in Russian media. Flying on a parachute, when he was lending, he broke his leg. Unfortunately, it was a multiple fracture and doctors made it clear that flying into space could be forgotten. But, thanks to the “egg liqueur” recommended by cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, Grechko quickly recovered and with this you can also heal a broken leg.

Here’s what the secret is:

Five or six chicken eggs are washed, dried and placed in a jar. Then pour lemon juice over them, so much to cover the eggs. Leave it in the refrigerator. When the egg shell dissolves in the juice and leaves only a thin layer, the eggs are crushed and drained (before that separate the white membrane). Then put the contents into another sterilized jar. Add one tablespoon of honey and vodka to serve as a preservative and this will enhance the taste. Mix and pour into glass bottles. Take one tablespoon before eating until the liquid is gone. This medicine not only strengthens bones and joints (calcium and citric acid, calcium is better absorbed in the body than ordinary calcium). This also improves metabolism. For preparation, select homemade eggs with white peel and be sure to be fresh.


If you have stomach ulcers and increased acidity with gastritis, do not consume this.

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