Groceries That May Not Be Vegan, Though You Think They Are

Veganism is a lifestyle that avoids the use of products that encourage violence or the exploitation of animals for food production. Taking this definition into account, we need to ask ourselves whether all the foods we think are vegan really are.

Groceries that may not be vegan, though you think they are


Honey is vegan unless bees are injured in the production process. The question is: how much can we know about the way honey is produced in the store or in the market? Many vegans avoid honey for this reason.

Peanut butter

Some brands are made only of oil and peanuts, but some contain ingredients that may not be vegan. Read the peanut butter ingredients before buying.

Hazelnut cream

Hazelnut creams like Nutella are not vegan. There is milk in most of them, although vegan versions of them can be found in some countries.


Many sugar-producing companies use tools or devices made from animal bones in the production process. However, most of them today use more modern methods and produce sugar that is vegan.


Chocolate products containing dairy supplements or sugar can be unhealthy. Look for chocolate that contains only a few supplements. Dark chocolate is safe to eat.


The butter contains milk and is not vegan. Baking products should also be considered as some bakeries use butter.


Most of the savory cracker brands are vegan, but the ingredients need to be checked to make sure they don’t have any residue of butter or cheese.

Oreo cookies

The Oreo cookie brand contains ingredients that may include milk, which makes them unhealthy.


Surprisingly, not every wine is vegan. Remains of animal products are used in the production of some wines.


You should investigate whether the brand uses flavors and flavors that contain non-vegetarian ingredients, such as cheese. Most brands of classic chips are still vegan.


The jam is vegan unless it contains honey. Taste sweeteners are added to the packed jams so most jams are vegan.


Caramel is usually not vegan because it contains butter or dairy supplements. Those that are made in a simple way, without any supplements, are vegan even if sugar is vegan.

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