Why Green Tea Is Better Than Black Tea

Why Green Tea Is Better Than Black Tea?

All, and even children know that tea is very useful and healthy, but the same question arises

How many cups of tea per day are allowed to drink?

On this subject, it has been worked for many years, and Russian scientists recommend at least three, and no more than five cups of tea per day. According to their words, this amount of tea reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and diabetes (this advantage can be felt only after some time of use).

Why Green Tea Is Better Than Black Tea?

It is especially noteworthy that it makes green tea that leaves behind black and other black drinks. Because it has incredibly beneficial sides. Numerous studies have confirmed that the amino acid thiamine is responsible for this. It positively affects the mood pulls down the depression, and heavy antioxidants make this drink an excellent anti-cancer agent. Green tea is thought to contain antioxidants that specifically inhibit gastric cancer, lungs cancer. And lowers cholesterol and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.