Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating With Sage

Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating With Sage

With the regular maintenance of personal hygiene and wearing clothes from natural materials, in the prevention and treatment of hyperhidrosis, help tea, and baths based on medicinal herbs

The summer for people suffering from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is the true nightmare, as their problem is multiplying. By sweating, the body is primarily protected against high temperatures, and due to this process, harmful substances are released from the organism. However, if sweating is intensified and accompanied by unpleasant odors that are the effects of bacteria, this can be a major problem. Hyperhidrosis occurs throughout the body, most often in the area of the palms, armpits, scalp. If it is not the result of an illness of a hormonal disorder, excessive sweating can be prevented or at least mitigated by the avoidance of certain foods, but also by consuming teas using medicinal herbs.

Best herbal therapy

  1. Pour 3 tablespoons of sage and 5 teaspoons anise, and leave it covered for an hour. Strain and drink in a cup of tea in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Pour a spoon of chamomile with 2 dl of boiling water and leave it for half an hour. Strain, add some lemon juice and drink before bedtime.
  3. Mix the equal parts of lincura, rosemary, broth, and sage, and sprinkle a spoon of this mixture with 2 dl boiling water and leave it covered for half an hour. Treat and drink before bedtime.

Useful tips

  • To reduce a excessive sweating, do not use hot water – which causes excessive sweating. Shower with lukewarm water rather than hot water – which stimulates sweating
  • Instead of synthetic, it is desirable to wear clothing from cotton, which in particular refers to socks and underwear.
  • The legs should be washed several times a day, and the socks should be changed after each shoe wear. Regularly remove the hair under the armpits (also applies to men) because they contain bacteria. After every shower, put deodorant, but one without aluminum, as it closes the pores and disturbs the gland.