Garlic Can Help You Lose Weight And Gain Weight At The Same Time. This Is How

Garlic Can Help You Lose Weight And Gain Weight At The Same Time. This Is How

By the time people learned to make a tea of garlic and tincture, they learned how to mix the crushed garlic with honey and other healing ingredients. As a result, many gastric infections were overcome, they learned to fight the colds, cure the wounds. Those who would have died from some kind of illness were recovering. The wounds gained from the beef fight were treated, the fever was passing, the stomach was treated. The prolongation of life is reflected in everything. The man has gained more knowledge and experience, and thus a greater opportunity to apply that knowledge.

The man became steady, active, healthy.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote “Inscriptions on the plates of one of the Egyptians pyramids tell us about how many slaves used a truncheon, garlic, and onions … 1,600 drinks of silver worth $ 30,000,000 were spent on this vegetable! “These plants were an integral part of the workers’ diet. They were a source of vitamins. Before the cucumber. But this is not just about vitamins. Garlic, garlic, and onion are the only vegetables that contain sulfur. Sulfides (compounds containing sulfur) have antibacterial properties, that is, they destroy harmful bacteria.

Garlic fulfilled another important function. It was an indispensable food supplement that enhances the caloric intake of other products. Workers mainly ate monolithic foods (various porridges) that are received very badly. About one third of the matter remains, and the other is removed from the body. If there was no garlic used by workers in large quantities, they would not be able to stand on their feet, not pull huge boards.

Garlic has the ability to increase the quality of foods that can be combined. Food is becoming more and more useful.

Garlic has another feature: it reduces the human need for food. If more often we apply at the table, we will notice that it saturates. The feeling of hunger will be reduced. You will not have a need to dine. As a consequence, after a certain amount of time, you begin to lose your extra pounds.

At first glance, this fact may seem contradictory.

How can garlic improve appetite while at the same time reducing the desire for food?

Or how can you gain weight or lose weight at the same time?

There are no contradictions. Garlic normalizes the diet. We learn to eat as much as it is necessary for our organism less or less. Because of this, we gradually gain the optimum weight.

And the old Israelites did not get out of the garlic. He is constantly mentioned on the menu, with fish, with melons. Healthy food is a fish rich in phosphorus, cucumbers, and melons that have a purifying effect, the amino acids that are retained in the trout, garlic and onion increase

blood cells, and also lymphocytes that prevent all infections.