finger of the left arm

Every Finger On Your Left Hand Is Connected With An Organ. Read The Signs

We are introducing you to an interesting method of self-diagnosis on the basis of the hand, written by the prominent professor of non-traditional medicine Alexander Timofeevich Ogulov from Moscow. For a start, look at your left hand…

For diagnostics, it is necessary to press the points indicated in the photo:

finger of the left arm

How much the area is more sensitive, the more that organ is sick. The size of the zone of a certain organ is equal to the width of the phalanges of the index finger.

1.Small intestine. For more detailed information, pay attention to the nail of the small finger on both hands: the longitudinal lines also speak about the problems in the work of this organ.

2. Heart. Additionally: in case of pathology, the small finger of the left arm is weaker.

3. Gallbladder. Apart from a feeling of pain, in the case of a stone in the area of ​​gallbladder (Projection of the arm), thickening or fibrous changes are possible.

4. Liver

5. Bladder

6. Kidneys. In the case of stone, at the given point are visible nodules or fibrous changes (for example, clumps).

7. Increased sensitivity in the given zone indicates weakness of the left lung, while in the case of inflammation of the lung it is possible pain in the entire finger. Sometimes there is a network of capillaries.

8. Deformation, longitudinal roughness and nail fungus also talk about lung disorders.

9. Refers to the lower part of the colon. In the case of pathology, there are longitudinal or transverse obstructions of the nail, as well as fungus on the nail plate.

10. It also refers to the lower part of the colon. If there are pathological changes, a joint of the index finger of the left arm arises which then usually deforms and also nail irregularities are observed.

The worms and parasites in the body indicate white spots on the nail.

11. Nervous system. In case of illness – the finger movements are limited, and transverse obstructions of the nails are noticeable.

12. Small intestine and heart. If there is a pathology, a deformation of the nail is noticeable, as is the weakening of the muscle that twists the finger. Sometimes the pain around the heart is released by the little finger.

13. Long-lasting white spots or nail points are signs of nervousness and infection with worms. Transverse grooves on the nail speak of great stress.

14. Pain caused by a small touch indicates hidden nervousness, possible nervous breakdown and psychological fatigue, as well as problems in the operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

15. The pains in this area speak of defects in the work of the heart.