Elderberry Can Totally Eliminate Cold And Flu Symptoms

Elderberry Can Totally Eliminate Cold And Flu Symptoms Within 48 Hours

With proven anti-cancer properties, the еlderberry is a valuable plant that is able to bring many benefits to human health. The fruit of the еlderberry is an entire pharmacy for our health. Its fruits are rich in anti-cancer compounds that play a major role in neutralizing free radicals. The amount of pectin and cellulose in the еlderberry is enormous. And, in addition, the plant contains many valuable minerals and trace elements.

There is a huge amount of vitamin C in the еlderberry. And if you can dry it properly, you can keep most of the beneficial ingredients. The fruit of the еlderberry is rich in antioxidants and substances with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Elderberry can totally eliminate cold and flu symptoms within 48 hours

The fruits of the еlderberry (Sambucus nigra) are filled in vitamin C, flavors and plant proteins that fight against viruses. They are effective in preventing cold and flu.

Clinical research in Israel has shown that еlderberry not only reduces the risk of colds and flu. But also reduces the severity and shortens the duration of colds and flu. Researchers from the Department of Virology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem found that patients who were ill with influenza and who took еlderberry were recovering twice as fast as those who took the placebo tablet (a fake drug). Scientists have concluded that the active substance in the еlderberry can shorten the flu in 48 hours.

Elderberry Can Totally Eliminate Cold And Flu Symptoms

For the prevention of colds and flu, use an extract of еlderberry. If you use an extract, take one to two tablespoons a day. If you have a cold and flu symptom, you can take the extract from the еlderberry and more often, or 4 tablespoons a day.

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