Eggs Are Healthy Food And These Are The Best Ways To Prepare Them

Eggs contain Vitamin A and proteins, are good for immunity, skin, and bones and are rich in cholesterol.

“Two-thirds of the cholesterol in the bloodstream is actually produced by the organism itself. Cholesterol from chicken eggs has a smaller role in metabolism than people think,” says Berthold Koletzko, of the Munich University Hospital.

Nutritionists point out that the key to health is a balanced diet, not completely eliminating certain foods from the menu.

“Our warm recommendation is to eat up to three eggs a week,” said German Nutrition Society (DGE) PR Antje Gahl, adding:

They also contain lecithin, “food for the brain,” or the nervous system, and are great for the older population, Koletzko says.

Whether or not eggs are healthy depends on how you prepare them. Egg fried in oil and served with bacon will not make anyone healthier.

5 tricks for preparing super healthy eggs

  • Choose a method of preparing eggs that will burn at least calories, boiled eggs are certainly the best choice. You can also try the poached egg methods. Eggs prepared in this way contain fewer calories than fried eggs with a lot of oil.
  • Always combine eggs with vegetables. Eggs are very well combined with vegetables, which can help you increase your daily intake of vegetables and thus many fibers that improve digestion and helps lower cholesterol.
  • If you still decide you prefer fried eggs, do so with oil that is stable at high temperatures. Although cold-pressed oils are the healthiest, they should not be heated so you do not fry them. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.
  • Choose eggs of which you know the origin. The way eggs are eaten can greatly affect the quality and nutritional value of the egg itself. If you can, always choose home-made eggs that you know how they are made.
  • Take care of the time, do not overdo it with cooking. Exposing the nutrients to the eggs at high temperatures for a long time can reduce their percentage, so cook the eggs as little as you can.

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