Eating Healthy On A Budget Is It Possible?

Eating Healthy On A Budget Is It Possible?

Healthy food does not mean foods that you can not afford it

Food is one of the key aspects of maintaining good health, and therefore, access to our diet should be cautious. Often it’s thought that you need to spend a lot of money in order to eat well, but that’s not true. First, the most important thing is the attitude towards food and health awareness. With good planning and avoiding buying ready-made foods, you’ll actually save money and you’ll be healthier. It should also be distinguished from healthy feeding and proper feeding, to be more precise to learn to eat properly is primary. Thus, someone who eats exclusively an avocado that is considered expensive and healthy, and ignores other food groups, will not have better health.

“Eating healthy on a budget is a high awareness of health and effective time planning”

The secret to proper nutrition is in simplicity. Therefore, you do not need a deep pocket to be healthy, but the right choice of food. Healthy and balanced nutrition, less stress and less spending – are your points that you need to devote to maintaining overall health. Eating healthy on a budget, above all, is a habit based on high awareness of health and involves effective time planning. So, planning is the first step.


At the weekend, make a list of the basic products that you will need during the working week. This step is important, mostly because it saves you money and time and you also have control over food and you have an accurate insight into what and how much you eat. Tip: buy seasonal food; it is also the healthiest and cheapest. Tip plus: Try not to buy soft juices and snacks for a certain period and you’ll be surprised how much of your budget goes to this type of expense for quick purchase of something for snacking and drinking.


Breakfast should be consumed at least two hours after awakening, say nutritionists. The healthy breakfast should include nutritious fiber, proteins and healthy fats that will give you energy and satiety. Those who eat breakfast are healthier than those who do not have the habit of having breakfast.


“A great way to start the day is because it is very useful for proteins to be introduced during breakfast”

Oats can be purchased very cheaply, and from one pack you can make several meals. It is a great way to start the day, because it is very useful for proteins to be introduced during breakfast, and in 100 g of oatmeal there are 12 g proteins. Several studies have shown that oat flakes reduce hunger and keep you down to lunch. A daily dose of oat flakes also supplies you with antioxidants, more specifically containing avenantramides, which are not found in other cereals.

Another cheap option is fruit or, better yet, confused with the addition of seeds such as flax seed, a mix of seeds and the like.

At work

If you have breakfast at work, and every day you buy coffee and ready-to-eat food, you risk eating unilateral foods that are likely to have low quality. Plan your meals at work. This does not mean that you need to make complicated meals, but you need to make only smart choices like oats, muesli, and a like.

Nuts and dried fruits

A healthy habit is to eat less often. Therefore, you need to have at least two meals per day. Healthy snacks at work are dried fruits. Dried fruits are an excellent source of iron, which will give you the energy needed to perform your work responsibilities. Decide for dried grapes as the most favorable option. It lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers inflammatory markers, and gives a feeling of satiety. A great advantage of dried fruits is that it is a good option for snacks where there is no refrigerator.

Lactic fruits are an excellent source of healthy fats and help maintain blood sugar levels over a long period of time.

A mix of four seeds (sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and flax seeds) is another good choice for healthy snacks. Additionally, you can add them to your morning confusion. Such a combination of seeds helps to achieve the required daily intake of proteins, essential nutrients, and they help prevent many diseases. If you eat them every day, they will be your natural source of energy. For whatever you decide, take note of the intake of saturated fat, salt and refined sugar.

Try these healthy snacks. Read more here.


Focus on cereals with whole grains and do not throw away bread. Instead, choose bread of integral flour, which contains healthy carbohydrates that are slowly boiled which means they are more saturated. You will eat healthy and you will not eat much. Because of the low glycemic index, it can maintain energy throughout the day.

Integral rice

Carbohydrates are as important as proteins. Carbohydrates increase the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects mood and reduces the need for mildew. The best choice would be integral rice, because it possesses an ideally balanced ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Integral rice is a basic natural source of vitamin B1, which accelerates the thyroid function. Helps with digestion and improves mental stability. Due to the large amount of dietary fiber, the integral rice is more effective than white rice when digestion. It also improves heart function and magnesium relaxes nerves and protects against stress.

Types of proteins

Insert different types of proteins not only from meat. Here are the proteins from milk, fish and eggs, as well as plant protein sources. The best source of proteins of plant origin are dark green vegetables, tofu, legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grain cereals, oats, chia, wheat grass, goji berries, etc. In fact, by eating meat, besides protein, you also import more saturated fats, whose consumption increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Fats of animal origin can lead to many other diseases.


For saturated nighttime hungry, it is recommended to consume nuts. Because they contain tryptophan – an essential amino acid that turns into serotonin. Which together with melatonin are crucial for a quality sleep.

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