fresh ginger

Eat Ginger Everyday For 1 Month And You Will Feel Like New

The famous physician-phytotherapist, O. D. Barnaul writes: “In our practice, we recommend ginger as a spice, or apply it in herbal mixtures in the following way:

1) as an immunoreaction, for example, for sick children and adults, in chemotherapy, in hematology;
2) in pediatrics with fun psychomotor development
3) in bronchial-lung diseases, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis;
4) in case of memory impairment, in the intellect, sleep disorders, ears in the ears, headache;
5) in stroke, paralysis, speech disorders, Alzheimer’s disease;
6) in patients with destructive and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system;
7) as a means of detoxification in severe therapies to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapeutic agents, for example in oncological diseases, lung tuberculosis, epilepsy, cardiology;
8) in complex therapy for dysbacteriosis, especially as a consequence of treatment with antibiotics;
9) in the treatment of patients with pneumonia, in severe forms of chronic hepatitis;
10) during gastritis, the absence of appetite;
11) in impotence;
12) in chronic arthritis.

Ginger against cancer

Ginger dressings are used in tumors caused by the lymph; it can be rubbed and with dried ginger powdered, but mandatory the place should be soaked and not allowed to cool. Dried mushroom pours meat soup and so it is eaten- it is considered a useful tool against the pain in joints, against colds, and in colds caused by colds. The gummer is used as a spice and after eating – to improve digestion: for this purpose, a little-grated number (at the top of the spoon) is taken, held in the mouth and slowly swallowed.

The ginger is a magical rejuvenating agent. It improves intelligence but also improves sleep. Ginger removes noise in the ears, stimulates the process of decomposition of fat, prevents their creation. Increases thyroid activity, accelerates the metabolism of thyroid hormones. This spice should always be added to the salads.

Fresh ginger has a much more subtle flavor and taste than dried ginger. Apart from the fact that he can prepare to heal tea too, he can be added almost in all dishes. Good ginger is attractive, healthy in appearance, with a smooth decoction with a light brown color, when it is cut – yellowish-white, without gray surfaces, with a smell of lemon. It is best to buy the largest roots (except for the young ginger which is very difficult to find on sale). It should be stored in a dry and cool place. Gumby must be added to the dishes of leguminous plants, cabbage, and bread. Fresh ginger is softer according to its properties, it can simply be cut into sticks and chew.


The ginger should not be used by people suffering from an ulcer. Also, ginger is harmful to the throat, so this deficiency is removed with honey or almond oil. The dose to be used by the ginger is an amount corresponding to two fingers with your fingers.