Cherries To Help Reduce Gout Attacks

Eat Cherries To Help Reduce Gout Attacks And Arthritis Inflammation

Irresistible cherries contain Vitamins A, B and C, bioflavonoids, ellagic acid, anthocyanin and melatonin-containing ingredients that help fight cancer, prevent heart disease, relieve pain caused by arthritis, headache, and relieve symptoms associated with fibromyalgia syndrome. In this list of health benefits, experts at the University of Boston added the ability to reduce the risk of gout.

Their team was tracked for over a year by over 630 gout patients, all of whom were thoroughly examined about the symptoms of the disease. Medicines they take, risk factors, and the consumption of cherry or cherry extract. Experts have found that:

  • 92 percent of gout attacks included a toe
  • patients who ate cherries three days before the gout attacks (the average cherries portion included ten to 12 cherries) were 35 percent more protected from gout attacks than those who did not eat cherries
  • the risk of attacks decreased by 75 percent when the respondents ate cherries and at the same time took a drug that reduced the amount of uric acid.
  • Gout (crystalline-induced arthritis) is an arthritic condition that occurs when uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. Most commonly affects a large knee joint. But can also affect other joints such as knee, ankle, foot, arm, wrist, and elbow. In rare cases, it may later affect the shoulders, hips or spine.

Gout treatment includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for the symptoms. And prescribed medication that reduces the level of uric acid, swelling, inflammation, and pain.

How to Improve Gout Prevention

Gout can be prevented by changing lifestyle and eating habits. Organic meat, sauces, canned fish (sardines and anchovies), bacon. And certain vegetables are on the blacklist that leads to gout. Also, recent research has shown that aging, high blood pressure, obesity. And alcohol consumption contribute to greater gingivitis.

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