Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking, Has Huge Health Benefits

Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking, Has Huge Health Benefits

People in Japan have a habit of drinking water first thing after eaking up. A number of trials have proven the advantage of this technique. Treatment with water results in a number of serious illnesses.

It is known that drinking water on an empty stomach acts in the treatment of the following diseases: headache, body aches, cardiac system, accelerated heartbeat, epilepsy, blood fats, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, uterine diseases, menstrual disorders, ear, throat and nose diseases.

Method of treatment

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 4 times in 160 ml (640 ml) water.
  • Wash your teeth, but do not eat or drink in the next 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes you can normally eat and drink.
  • After breakfast, lunch and dinner, do not eat or drink anything in the next two hours.

Those who are old and sick cannot drink 4 cups of water on an empty stomach until they get used to a certain dose, let them drink water as much as they can, and then each day they increase the amount until they reach the necessary 640 ml.

This method will cure your illness, and those who are healthy will enjoy the energy that the water will give them.

How many days are needed for treatment

  • for high blood pressure – 30 days
  • for gastritis – 10 days
  • also for diabetes – 30 days
  • for constipation – 10 days
  • for tuberculosis – 90 days

It would be best if this method of drinking water is to be applied throughout life. So you’ll be healthier and full of energy.

Note: Those who have arthritis can do this method of treatment for only three days in the first week, then they should pause for a week, and then begin to apply it again every day. This treatment has no side effects except that you will often urine. So drink water and stay active.

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