cure arthritis naturally

Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Aloe Vera And Honey And Cure Arthritis

These old natural cures have been used for centuries. Even doctors have no explanation! The honey mixed with aloe vera cure arthritis naturally.

Use these recipes and relieve the pain

1. Honey and aloe juice

Mix honey with aloe juice and 40 percent alcohol (rakia or vodka) in a ratio of 2: 1: 3 and use it as a coating.

2. Honey and gourd tincture

Against arthritis pain, put in four cups of honey. Then put in the cup one teaspoon of gourd tincture, mix all well and heat it with steam. In this hot cure, dip 3-4 times a folded towel, and place it in the most painful places: hands, elbows, knees or legs. It’s best to do it at night so that the coating can work overnight.

The heat will be kept for a longer period if we put a bag of blackberries, chop bags, or chamomile, which we first heat, then wrap them with a dry, warm cloth.