Types Of Dark Circles

Different Types Of Dark Circles Can Indicate Serious Disorders

Often women towards dark circles under the eyes refer only to cosmetic defects. They try to mask them without doubting that it can be a sign of illness.

Changes in the blood vessels and capillaries and generally in the composition of the blood, are reflected in the shape of dark circles. Sometimes the cause may be banal: fatigue. In that case, the dark circles appear as a rule late in the evening, and after the night rest, they disappear. But the dark circles that appear as a signal of the disease are retained longer, until the elimination of the cause.


The appearance of yellow-brown dark circles tells of a slowdown in the normal processes of the liver and bile, which in turn has an increased production of bilirubin. There are also accompanying symptoms: bitterness in the mouth, weight in the stomach, heartburn, bowel movement disorder, dryness and tingling of the skin on the feet and palms.

Network of capillaries

It speaks of a disorder of the bloodstream and, more often, of vegetative-vascular dystonia. The capillary network may also occur in case of hormonal disorders in women. For example, estrogens have the ability to keep the fluid in the body, cause swelling and build up the skin. There are irritation and drowsiness. As well as swelling of the ankles, shortness of breath, weight gain or weight loss, you should visit a cardiologist. The pathology of the heart diseases is not excluded.

Swelling under the eyes

This symptom appears at an early stage of kidney disease. It can be followed by a raised temperature, often wetting, dry mouth. From time to time it becomes less common. Dark circles and swelling under the eyes can also indicate the appearance of parasites in the body. Accidental signs are stomach bloating and bowel discharge problems.


The dark circles that follow the “sticking out eyes” may indicate problems with the thyroid gland.