Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Makes Us More Energetic And Productive

Russian experts recommend consuming half dark chocolate every day, but it is more effective to do it in the daytime because it is a high-calorie product that makes us more energetic and productive, doctors say.

  • If you eat dark chocolate with a share of cocoa of at least 50 percent, then the average amount to consume is about 50 grams a day. You can also get more chocolate if you do harder physical work or sports, says prof. Alexei Bouverov, at the Sechenov University in Moscow, Russia.

Dark chocolate is healthy and contains a higher concentration of cocoa and other useful components.

  • Now we are studying the beneficial effect of cholesterol on metabolism. That is, although chocolate contains fat, flavonoids lower cholesterol levels, explains prof. Bouverov.

According to him, chocolate also has components that protect the liver but warns that it can affect the pancreas.

World Chocolate Day was marked yesterday. The tradition was started by the French, and from there it spread throughout Europe.

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