It Is Dangerous To Take These Medicines With These Foods

It Is Dangerous To Take These Medicines With These Foods

Do the pills you swallow agree with the whole food you eat? The extent to which certain medicines agree with specific foods depends on their effect. For example, proper food can serve as an additional healing factor. How to combine food with medicines will tell us the dietician Svetlana Mikhailovna Titova (Moscow).


Minus: dairy products. Limit the use of meat (it neutralizes the action of drugs).
Plus: vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, nuts (help to fight infection)

(dilute the blood)

Minus: cocktails (especially those from the bark) This combination can cause internal bleeding.
Plus: green tea, cabbage, broccoli, fresh parsley … All of these products maintain the required level of vitamin K in the body (stops bleeding from the wounds)


Minus: spicy dishes, fish. smoked meat (neutralize the action of medicines)
Plus: oatmeal, soups and puree, various sour (protect the stomach and its mucous membrane).


Minus: cheese, yogurt, sour cream, whipped cream, bananas, beans, sauerkraut. raisins, soy sausages, liver … This combination can suddenly raise arterial pressure.
Plus: vegetable and fruit juices (increase resistance to stress).


Minus: tea, coffee, turkey, chocolate (keep the water in the body)
Plus: apples, beets, carrots, dried apricots, peas … They complement the calcium reserves, an element that this group of drugs ejects from the body.


Minus: spicy and savory dishes, chocolate, coffee, fatty foods (additionally burdens the blood vessels and heart muscle).
Plus: fish, vegetables, and fruits, all dairy products (unloading the body)

Of course, in order to neutralize the action of drugs, you need to eat a large number of “inappropriate” products. But it is better to limit their use and thus ensure it on time.