Dandelion Facts

Dandelion Facts That You Didn’t Know

Dandelion acts on carcinogens so that they decompose within 48 hours, and during this time no healthy cells in the body are destroyed.

This unjustly neglected herb often considered as an ordinary plant. Has many medicinal properties, and it is only necessary to harvest it from the clean areas, away from the traffic. Although our grandmothers have made us syrups of flowers knowing they contain many medicinal substances. What they certainly did not know was that the root of the dandelion could help the cancer patients. All parts of the dandelion have amazing benefits. And are edible.

Dandelion Facts

Scientists have found that the root of this herb acts “better” than chemotherapy, because it “kills” all cells, and the dandelion root only eliminates carcinogens.

In addition to having diuretic properties, it stimulates the secretion of bile juice, cleanses the liver, helps with allergies and lowers cholesterol. It contains many important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and magnesium.

It also contains up to 535% of the required daily intake of vitamin K. And about 110% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A. These are all facts about this herb that have been known for years.

Dandelion Tea: Research

At the University of Windsor, Canada, an initial study of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was conducted. And the results give new hope to cancer patients. It has been discovered that dandelion root effectively “kills” carcinogens without any harmful effects on other cells in the body.

Dandelion tea acts on carcinogens in such a way that they decompose within 48 hours. And during that time no cell “gets sick” – showed this research. It has been concluded that with continuous dandelion treatments, most of the carcinogens can be destroyed. And due to these unexpected results, the team of researchers has received strong support to continue researching this wonderful herb.

John Di Carlo, a 72-year-old man, was personally convinced of the dandelion healing. Because he spent intense and “aggressive” chemotherapy in the fight against cancer. And he was treated less than three years before the doctors let him out of the hospital to spend his last days with their loved ones.

Given that doctors had fewer alternatives in finding a functional solution to fight his disease. He was offered to drink tea from dandelion as a lasting hopeful hope. After only four months, this person experienced a remission of the disease.

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